1. You think it is enough to go for a walk in the park.

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A 20-minute walk is certainly better than not moving at all, but do not expect too big results. If you want visible results, you must do a minimum of 30 minutes exercise a level of intensity increased. You can start with brisk walking if your fitness levels are low, but you must do it for al least 90 minutes. Other ways that you can burn even more calories are: running, circuit training, spinning or the famous HIIT.

2. You eat way too high amounts of the healthy foods.

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Nuts, avocados, whole grains, olives and dark chocolate are all natural and healthy, but they are not without calories. You must pay attention on quantities you eat. For example avocados offer a lot of health benefits, but a whole fruit has over 200 calories.

3. You don’t drink enough water.

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Besides water hydrates the body, recent studies show that it can also help you lose weight. We are 70% water any way. A glass of water half an hour before a meal can help control food portions and eating fruits and vegetables rich in water will help you eat less.

4. You train on an empty stomach.

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If you exercise regularly without eating before, you should consider the following aspect: when you do move on an empty stomach the calories come from muscles and not from fat. Since muscles burn more calories than fat, if you lose muscle mass you’ll burn less calories. Eating before exercise, not only avoid muscle loss, but you’ll have more energy for your workout, you’ll work harder and you’ll burn more calories.

5. You do not get enough sleep.

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It is important to understand that sleep plays an important role in weight loss. You need extra energy to keep up with the workout, the neglect of sleep can effect you body’s ability to control appetite and it can imbalance your hormones.

6. You don’t eat enough vegetables.

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It is important to eat 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. A diet based on veggies and fruits provide a greater variety of nutrients with fewer calories, plus it adds the content of fibers that gives the feeling of satiety more time and it helps digestion as well.

7. You just do cardio workouts.

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If you choose to go on the treadmill, but never lift weights when you go to the gym, then you’re missing one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. Not only weight ( resistance) training prevents injuries by strengthening joints, but it aids you grow muscle mass and thus metabolic rate.

8. You are on diet, but you make exceptions frequently.


Whatever you keep a diet that you know or a personalized nutritional plan, you can not do this halfway and expect to see results. Try to have a cheating meal once a week or a cheating day every 2 weeks, as this will have the desire results and you’ll preserve your motivation to continue the schedule.

9. You use sauces and dressing salads in excess.


A salad is one of the healthiest meals you can have, but when you start to add sauces or dressings ( which are full of sugar and preservatives) to it, you’ll double the amount of calories that you have at the table. Be aware of how many calories you add to your salad. For example, 10 croutons have about 100 calories.

10. You don’t control your food portions.


When it comes to a balanced eating plan, food portion control is one of the secrets of success. Keep a balance in the quantities you eat and learn to recognize the signals your body transmits when you have eaten enough. Do not ever get up satiated from your table.

11. You haven’t abandoned the trade juices.

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Commercial fruit juices do not bring absolutely any benefits, but on the contrary come with empty calories. With high sugar content and packed with chemicals prevents you to get the results you expect on the program you fallow.

12. You skip breakfast.


Although skipping breakfast seems like a great way to reduce your total calories for the day, you body will store the fat because it thinks it is starving. Remember that people who eat breakfast lose more weight, so make sure you don’t skip that morning meal to boost your metabolism. And don’t just eat anything, try to include protein for energy and satiety foods rich in fibers.

13. You don’t eat enough.

Do not starve to save calories for later. Not only will it throw off your matabolism, but this will make you eat more for dinner. Also avoid too small portions that it can lead to an excess of snacks between the meals.

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