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Low-Carb Not Low-Fat Works Wonders

Low-Carb works! Turns out eating foods with fat, everything from avocados and nuts to dairy, doesn’t make us fat. But eating too many carbohydrates, particularly the heavily refined starches found in white bread and white pasta, does our collective waistlines or...

5 Reasons You May Not Be Losing Weight

“I have started to go to the gym, I try to eat healthily and yet I do not lose weight, in fact I have put on few pounds.” I thought I would summarise some of the things that will sabotage your efforts to lose weight, as I often get asked this question on a regular...

13 Reasons Why You Fail To Lose Weight

You think it is enough to go for a walk in the park.           A 20-minute walk is certainly better than not moving at all, but do not expect too big results. If you want visible results, you must do a minimum of 30 minutes exercise a level of...


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