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Personal Trainer - G A Fitness Training 

If you are looking for a professionally trained person who can help you achieve your goals in the most simple and effective way possible, then you are in the right place!  

I am Gabriel Ancu, the founder of G A Fitness Training. I have made it my mission to help people become healthy, eat better and exercise the right way. With my knowledge and experience in sport and fitness, my aim is to motivate you, support you and push you to your limitsLearn more about me!

No need for gym memberships, as a mobile personal trainer we can work out wherever suits you: at the local park or at your home, allowing you to focus completely on your daily routines. Within your program you will experience different types of workouts, as it's important that each training session be both enjoyable and challenging! This might include combinations of circuit training, flexibility and mobility exercises, kick-boxing and weight training. Together with specific home workouts and nutritional plans.

To show you how I work, I would like to offer you a free trial session with physical, nutritional and lifestyle consultation included. This allows us to discuss your objectives and challenges so that I can design a program to specifically address what you want to achieve.

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