Learn how to look and feel at your best with a personal trainer !

This is for the people that:
  • Feel intimidated working out in front of others
  • Are stressed with work, social life and bad habits
  • Need quick results and safe investment
  • Are looking for an upgrade on their body and mind
  • Want to achieve an important goal, to make themselves and others proud
  • Want to enjoy a night out or “life’s little treats”
  • Want to LOOK and feel GOOD!

I’m a London based Personal Trainer, focusing on Central and South East London areas.

Being so passionate and confident about my work, I would like to work with individuals that are ready to commit and have the mindset to progress

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I will take care of each aspect of your process, making it easier for you to deal with your own routine at home and at work. You will be motivated and challenged on a daily basis, getting the best out of you.

To start with, you will be taken through a few fitness, health and life style tests, helping me to know your highs and lows to create a program suitable for your goals. Next step will be to build up a good atmosphere during the workout sessions, giving you the confidence and the excitement to want to carry on further.

  • G A FITNESS TRAINING provides all the equipment required in dropping weight, building muscles, improving stamina and endurance, as well as planning nutritional and home workout plans for people that don’t want to waist any time.
  • You will be getting a bespoke personal training program based on your goals, helping you to decrease stress, improve sleep patterns and balance out your hormones.
  • Working together will give you the determination to keep your new active and healthy life style for a long period of time.

Areas that I cover: Dulwich, Crystal Palace, Lewisham, Greenwich, London Bridge, Peckham, Canary Warf, Brixton, Surrey Quays, Blackheath, Brockley.

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